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Fall 2012: 

All workshops are Sundays, 10am-5pm 

Registration fee is $225 each.  

Contact us to receive a $75.00 if second time through 

→ October 7:            History and Lineage of Pilates, Principles of  joe-pilates

Pilates, Basic Anatomy, Fundamentals

→ October 14:          Mat 1, Reformer 1

→ October 21:          Cadillac 1, Foot Corrector, Standing Free Weights

→ October 28:          Chair 1-2, Barrels 1-2, Mat 2

→ November 4:        Reformer 2, Magic Circle

→ November 11:      Cadillac 2, Mat 3

→ November 18:      Reformer 3, Chair 3

→ December 2       Cadillac 3, Barrels 3-4

→ December 9:        Mat 4, Cadillac 4

→ December 16:      Reformer 4, Chair 4



Series with Elizabeth Cassidy

All workshops are Saturdays, 10:30am – 11:30am 

Cost $40     

→ October 6:            Foam Roller—Strengthen, Lengthen, and Roll!   

Come see why the Roller is so popular and why people are addicted to it!

→ October 13:           Plumb Lines and Posture 101 - 

What is Posture? What are Plumb lines? How to identify weak and strong

muscles in different postures and how to apply exercises for change.

→ October 27:           Complete Abs - 

If you want to feel your Core (Abs) you won’t want to miss this workout/training.

→ November 3:         Fuel, Nutrition, and Raw Food 

Nutrition is such a mystery, demystify yourself and learn to help yourself!

→ November 10:        STRETCH O U T… 

Active Isolated, partner, foam roller, and ―on the road‖ stretching.

→ November 17:        Off Balance to Balance 

Balance Exercises that enhance you, your brain and your body. 

→ December 1:          Fix Your Body – Do It Yourself Back, Knees, Butt and Shoulders 

If you have an issue here is your opportunity to do something for yourself!

→ December 8:          Reduce Your Anxiety and Stress with Meditation: 

Come FEEL what alpha or theta brain wave relaxation is all about, a great Blessing.

→ December 15:        Fit Granny! 

Anyone who desires assistance in their fitness in a relaxed open space.