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Embody Pilates® Teacher Training

At Tru-Balance Pilates Fitness Studio, San Jose


Core Curriculum 60 hour+ workshop series

Entire series to be taken twice * (offered at a reduced rate the second time)

History and Lineage of Pilates
Principles of Pilates
Basic anatomy

Mat 1
Reformer 1

Cadillac 1
Barrels—Ladder, Half, Spine Corrector 1-2
Foot corrector


Mat 2
Chair 1-2

Reformer 2
Cadillac 2
The Magic Circle
Standing free weights
The Towel

Mat 3
Reformer 3

Cadillac 3
Chair 4
Barrels—Ladder, Half, Spine Corrector 3-4

Mat 4
Chair 4

Reformer 4
Cadillac 4

* only one time through the core series if already certified by another program


joe2Additional Workshops--to be taken at least once:

-Injuries and Conditions—12 hours
Practical information about many common injuries and conditions, including disc injuries, osteoporosis, scoliosis, stenosis, tendonitis, knee injuries, sciatica, hip replacements, SI dysfunction, plantar fasicitis, ankle sprains, fallen arches, thoracic outlet syndrome, carpal-tunnel syndrome, bunions, hammer toes, pregnancy and more. Guidelines are provided for how to approach first-time Pilates clients with each condition, as well as what to emphasize and what to be cautious about, and why. Modifications are examined as well as suggestions for how to advance such clients to their fullest potential. This workshop includes a 40+page reference guide.

-The Art of Teaching—6 hours
Includes how to see and interpret the body in front of you, how to approach the first session, designing a session, creating long-term plans for your clients, cueing and imagery.

-Electives--Complete at least 2 elective workshops with Elizabeth or Dixie or with another Pilates instructor/studio.




Observation -200 hours
Practice Teaching -200 hours
Individual sessions -10 minimum                                     

Teaching Labs – 4 minimum
Workouts and classes -100 hours

Reading—There are several required books and articles to read
Written Assignments –There will be several homework assignments and one case study paper to complete.
Testing –Participants will need to pass 3 exams--written, practical and performance--to receive an Embody Pilates certificate. At this point instructors are fully prepared to pass the national Pilates Method Alliance certification exam.

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