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Sheryl Dluginski

Dixie is unparalleled as a Pilates Master Teacher. When I first began private Pilates sessions with

her, it was clear that her attention to detail and depth of knowledge was extraordinary, so I was thrilled and excited to join her first certification class. Receiving my Pilates Certification from Dixie has dramatically deepened my understanding of how the human body works. Not only have I added the full Pilates repertoire to the modalities that I share with my personal training clients, but I now also incorporate Pilates principles into all the other modalities that I teach - yoga, strength training and energy work.

Since meeting Dixie, I have had the opportunity to work with many other Pilates teachers and instructors and I can honestly and enthusiastically proclaim that none comes close in their ability to help me feel and understand the multi-layered character of every bend, twist, stretch and breath. My only complaint is that she has left us east coast folks and is now gracing the west coast with her unique and powerful knowledge, experience and style. Don't miss an opportunity to work with this amazing teacher!"

Sheryl Dluginski

Clinical Exercise Specialist, NYC