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Anna Venizelos

I began studying pilates with Dixie in my early 20's. I had been a gymnast and had

Anna Venizelossome dance training but was looking for a way to keep my body strong and flexible in more of a global way. I suppose you could call it cross training or injury prevention. In any case, Dixie, being a dancer and having the absolute best way of communicating what she was after verbally as well, was the perfect fit for me. Our relationship spanned more than a decade. I went on tour with Cirque du Soleil and when I had to leave after 3 years of touring, she was the one I turned to to help me rehab some nasty overuse injuries. Before Dixie moved away from NYC, she and I started to go through some of her Embody Teacher Training material. It was so detailed and so well thought out that when I started to have some of my own clients, I really felt like I had a solid background and source to reference. I went on to teach a pregnant client and of course Dixie was my go to for any questions I had. As you can see, Dixie has really been pivotal in my approach to movement and the way I've chosen to maintain my body all these years. I'm now 34, and continue to work as a freelance acrobat and contortionist. I do my own pilates workouts now but am hopeful that Dixie will come back in the near future for a refresher!" 

Anna Venizelos

Freelance Acrobat and Contortionist, NYC


Anna has returned to New York City following a three year contract with Cirque du Soleil's Quidam. During the Asia/Pacific tour in 2004, she participated in the aerial hoops act as part of a women's trio. In 2006 during the North America/Canada Tour, Anna took on the featured solo, contortion in silks. Anna has also performed with Montreal based circus companies, Les Gens d'R and Cirque Eloize. Before taking on her aerial career, Anna attended NYU's School of Education as a Dance Major in addition to spending a year studying theater at Emerson College.